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Material: PC, A6063 + PPS, ABS + PET

Material Wrist Strap: TPU + stainless steel buckle

Use Bluetooth Low Energy technology

Water resistant with IP68 grade, free to use when bathing or swimming

Display: OLED 0.87 ? Three Points Touch Screen

Mobile System Support: iOS 8 & newer, or Android 4.3 & newer

Power: 3.8V / 170mAH with lithium polymer battery, can be recharged with USB interface, Battery Level: 0% -100%

Charging Time: about 1 hour

Battery life: 30 days without heart rate detection, 5 days with heart rate detection, Low battery: 8 hours

Mobile Apps

Activity tracker: steps (steps), burned calories, distance traveled & sleep monitor. displayed on the device screen & synchronized with a smartphone

24 Hours of heart rate detection & heart rate warning

Heart rate measurement range: 35 bpm to 200 bpm

Accurate heart rate reading with a reading error rate = +/- 5 bpm

Message Reminder with vibration + message display

Call Reminder with vibration + phone no. or contact name

Call Reject with vibration & symbols

Warning when the battery is low

Timer Mode with vibration & 5 alarm settings that can be set in the App

Data storage for 7 days when there is no application synchronization

Data storage capacity: 120,000 steps / 12,000 calories / 60 km (1 step / 0.1 Kcal / 0.01 km); Unit: step / Kcal / km

Night mode (Night Mode)

Horizontal & Vertical Display Settings
Office 2000