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Stunning Surround Sound Enjoy your game and experience! With the SADES USB headset you will be able to experience 7.1 surround sound.

The external 7.1 USB sound card allows you to experience tense experiences, hear the sound of footprints, gurgling sounds, shouts.

Give you more power in the OPTIMIZED EARPADS game An innovative set of earplugs, providing playing comfort that is very effective in eliminating PREMIER SOUND noise High-quality 40mm drivers with nedymum and membrane magnets are the latest technology in headsets, bringing quality sound to music, games, or balanced voice chat for bass and treble.

Connecting FLEXIBLE, ROBUST SADES is flexible and durable because it is supported by the ability to adjust height and the ability to adjust to the shape of your ear jaw.

The mic position is right next to your mouth.

Headset Gaming

Input: 3.5mm jack

Dimension : (L x W x H cm) 10x5x5

Weigth : ( kg ) 0.2 kg
Office 2000