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The UD metal binding tool that can be opened and closed with one touch is adopted.
The document opens horizontally, with a round ring type binding tool suitable for viewing, 
it is easy to insert and remove documents in the middle.
Since the binding tool is securely engaged, there is no worry that the document will fall out.
With fingerholes easy to remove from cabinets and drawers.
With a pocket convenient for temporary storage of documents (inside front cover).
 A protector for protecting documents is set. (Please use it on both sides of the document)
Separate disposal is possible.
Ring inner diameter: 30
Appropriate accommodation number: 220 sheets
External dimensions (height · width · back width): 307 · 255 · 39
Recycled material ratio / cover: R-PP 50%
Number of holes / 2 holes
binding hole spacing / 80mm pitch
Cover / R-PP
Round Ring
Office 2000