Japanese for Travelers

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This travel-sized 4.1 x 7.3 inch book is a combination Japanese phrase book, Japanese travel guide and Japanese etiquette guide
Packed with Japanese language expressions and information for everyday occasions (looking for a place to stay, eating at a restaurant, making a telephone call), as well as less common ones (what to do if you become ill or something is lost or stolen), Japanese for Travelers allows you to learn Japanese and break out of the role of passive spectator during your time in Japan by speaking Japanese with locals. Helpful illustrations demystify Japan's sometimes intimidating rail system and provide handy information of ferry travel as well. The text offers travel tips ranging from where to go for a cheap, comfortable night's sleep (you'd be surprised) to whom not to stand behind when in line at customs.
A breed apart from run-of-the mill Japanese phrasebooks, Japanese for Travelers is a tool for the traveler who is out not only to survive, but succeed, while staying in Japan. Sections include:
  • Basic Communication.
  • Money.
  • Mail.
  • Getting around.
  • Eating and restaurants.
  • Lodging.
  • Leisure.
  • Dealing with problems such as illness.
Product Dimension (L x W x H): 18.80 x 10.41 x 1.27 CM