Clean Pop Hair Removal

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Clean Pop Hair Removal

Clean Pop Hair Removal is a cream that removes hair down to the roots even for smooth hairs with herbal ingredients of plants and flowers that can soften the skin. Use Clean Pop Hair Removal regularly will clean the hair with clean but do not make the hair grow more dense.

The hairs will grow back according to the growth period of each person's hair, generally going back after 1-2 weeks after using Clean Pop Hair Removal.

Recommended to you!

-Clean the hair well until close to the roots

-Clean the legs, underarm hair, and other smooth hairs

-With Hydro Restore helps maintain skin moisture

-Contains Keradem technology that works down to the roots to make the skin smooth for longer and looks brighter

-How to use it practically, apply cream and wait 5-10 minutes then remove with tissue

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