Lepolita - J.F Lazartigue

Propolis Jelly for oily scalp

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This propolis jelly cleanses, purifies, soothes and heals oily scalps with or without dandruff and regulates seborrhea.

Its primary ingredient is propolis (10% - an antibacterial agent collected by bees), which helps to eliminate the microorganisms responsible for seborrhea and dandruff. It also contains a complex that regulates sebaceous gland secretion (1% - amino acids, burdock root, hamamelis, birch, oack and soya).

This product prepares the scalp for the benefits of the other j.f. lazartigue specific treatments and makes it more receptive to them by facilitating their penetration.

User guide

Apply to the scalp. Gently massage in with the fingertips from the nape of the neck to the top of the head (5-10 minutes).

Rinse thoroughly, then shampoo with one of the following : Deep Cleansing shampoo, Propolis shampoo, Stymulactine 21 shampoo, Anti-dandruff shampoo. 
Avoid contact with the eyes.

Lepolita - J.F Lazartigue
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