Shawl Collar Cropped Knit Jacket DB22FCD00100

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Shawl Collar Cropped Knit Jacket


Product information

Introducing Dragon Blues' shawl collar cropped knit jacket. It is a design that is densely crafted with a soft yarn based on a wool blend, and has a unique texture that is firm yet soft. It is a coveted shawl collar design and has a built-in thin pad along the shoulder line that falls naturally. You can feel comfortable and balanced wearing feeling with a cropped length and a slim fit that is positioned comfortably from the shoulder to the upper body. The practicality was enhanced by adding an out pocket detail, and the closure was completed with a vintage gold button point. It is an item that can express natural elegance with a warm fit. Match it harmoniously with an inner for mid-winter as an outer for the changing seasons.

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