Malibu Denim Shirt & Pants

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Malibu Denim Shirt & Pants



Malibu denim ensemble made of eco-friendly denim imported from Italy. This high-quality denim is mainly used by global luxury brands. Especially, this blue color is vintage and luxurious!

We made a jacket-like hourglass shirt and straight-fit pants similar to 'Orr Denim Collection - 790' with such a nice denim fabric. And rose gold-colored buttons. This ensemble goes well from half-sleeve T-shirts to turtleneck knitted tops. Especially, it goes well with navy-colored 'Homme Cashmere 100 Turtleneck Sweater'.

These pants are more formal than jeans. The fit may vary depending on your taste and body type, but the silhouette we suggest is a straight fit. If you like 'Orr Denim Collection - 790', you'll be satisfied.

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