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-Made in Japan. -A jinbei suit with a Japanese pattern of goldfish and dragonflies that swim coolly. /The material is double woven gauze that feels good on the skin. -It has excellent breathability and quick-drying water absorption, so it is cool even in the summer. -You can wear it comfortably in your room or after taking a bath. - The waist is fully elastic and has a rubber replacement hole. -It's easy to wear and you can move around as much as you want, so children will surely be delighted. -Gokigen with a soft and silky texture/Quality 100% cotton/Double woven gauze patchwork pattern. -Please refer to the washing name display when washing. · When washing, turn the product over. -Please use the net to prevent it from getting out of shape or getting caught in other things. · Please note that if you leave the product wet for a long time, the color may fade or stain. · After washing, shape it and dry it immediately. · Please use non-fluorescent detergent for light-colored products. Also, wash separately from dark-colored products. -Due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink slightly due to washing.
Miki House
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