PD In-Safe 2 Walnut

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In Safe Watch Winder

The In-Safe watch winder is designed specifically to be placed inside a safe or an enclosed cabinet. If you need to secure your expensive automatic watch within a safe or hide it somewhere, the In-Safe watch winder is the right solution for you. In-Safe 2 and 4 winders come with a Lithium-Ion Battery that lasts long and is rechargeable and does not need to be plugged into an electric socket so that you do not need to drill a hole in your safe to make way for cables. The watch winder is compact and slim and does not have any doors so that it can be easily accessed within a safe.


Rotation Mode

Each individual watch winder's rotation direction and RPD (Rotations-Per-Day) can be set using a touchscreen control panel.


Adaptable Watch Holder

Spring-loaded watch holders adapt to any watch sizes from ladies' watch to men's watch. The watch holders are lined with high-quality soft material that is friendly to leather, silicon, rubber straps, steel, gold, ceramic bands.


Walnut Finish

The watch winder is carefully finished with beautiful walnut wood.



Lithium-Ion battery. Rechargeable using a 110-240V adaptor.



Using batteries Lithium 4000 mAh.


1 Year Warranty

The watch winder comes with a 1-year warranty that covers electronic and rotor damage.

Detail Specification

  • Ukuran: T.180 x L.250 x D.150 mm
  • Berat: 2,1 kg
  • Kapasitas: 2 jam tangan (putar)
  • Rotor: 2 (dedicated)
  • Finishing Luar: Walnut Wood dengan polesan high gloss, polished lacquer
  • Finishing Dalam: Beludru premium warna hitam
  • LED Lights: No
  • Mode Pemutaran: Fully customizable, touchscreen control
  • Aksesoris: Security lock, power adaptor
  • Daya: Adaptor / Baterai yang digunakan Lithium 4000 mAh.
Level 3