Nucleus 1 - Black Leather

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Need to keep your automatic watches in a safe for a long time? 

Introducing the Billstone Nucleus 1

Reputable brand

Billstone has been making home for valuables since 1977.

Elegant design

Made of genuine leather and walnut wood.

Durable & quiet motor

The silent and strong lasting motor rotates gently to ensure your watch complications are well maintained. 

No overwinding

The watch winder has four turns per day (TPD) and direction functions to ensure the optimum movement you timepiece needs (tell us your watch brand/type for recommended TPD).

Safe, inside a safe

Powered by a single C-battery the watch winder will keep operating up to three months.

Fits most watches

Suitable for the most favored for male and female timepieces.



1 Year Warranty

The watch winder comes with a 1 year warranty that covers electronic and rotor damage.

Detail Specification:

  • Dimension: T.110 x L.110 x D.155 mm
  • Weight: 800 gram
  • Capacity: 1 watches (rotate)
  • Motors: 1 (dedicated)
  • Exterior Finish: Leather
  • Rotation Mode: Analog
  • Power: battery AA tipe C
Level 3