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Viewpoint - Desk(HF 5328-10459)

Products and collections from the Hooker Furniture brand are meticulously crafted and produced in facilities around the world. The company leverages the best machinery and technologies along with artisan techniques to output products from distinctive facilities. The majority of the unique upholstery products created under the Sam Moore brand name are produced in a facility located in Bedford, Virginia, while luxury Bradington Young leather products and collections are shipped out Hickory, North Carolina.

Other factory locations that craft and manufacture the company’s products are located in Mexico as well as countries throughout Asia and Central America. In each facility, quality control specialists are on site to ensure your furniture is produced to exact quality specifications and meets Hooker’s high design standards. An excellent choice for earth-conscious consumers, Hooker Furniture believes in preserving the natural beauty of the world and protecting our limited resources. The brand is committed to minimizing the impact caused by its production and manufacturing activities and has implemented diligent environmental stewardship practices to honor that commitment

Dimension : 162.56 x 76.2 x 77.4
Material: Hardwood Solids, Cherry Veneers
Malinda Furniture Gallery
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