Traveller 2 - Nappa Leather Black

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BillStone Traveller

Keep your watches neatly organized and secure while travelling in this BillStone Traveller 2 watch case. Throw this watch case into your luggage without worrying about your watches getting damaged.

The traveller watch case interior is lined with soft and padded velvet to protect your watch from scratches and shock while travelling. An elastic strap keeps your watches secured even with vigorous movement.

The exterior is lined with padded Napa leather.

The Traveller watch case is suitable as a personal gift or a corporate gift.

Ukuran T. 70 x L. 170 x D. 80 mm
Berat: 0,3 kg
Kapasitas: 2 jam tangan
Finishing Luar: Black Leather
Finishing Dalam: Beludru halus warna cream
Max Lebar Jam Tangan: 60 mm
Cocok untuk travel, simpan jam tangan di rumah atau kantor
Cocok untuk hadiah
Level 3