Avanti Plus 2 - Carbon Fiber

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Avanti Plus


BillStone Avanti watch winder is a space-saving and economical storage solution for your automatic watches. Each motor can rotate 2 watches up to 45mm in diameter each.

5 pre-programmed rotation modes that accomodates most automatic watch’s winding requirements allow you to easily set up and use the Avanti watch winder.


High-Quality Finish

The watch winder’s box is finished with Carbon Fiber veneer and then topped off with multiple layers of high-gloss, polished piano lacquer. The inside of the watch winder is lined with khaki velvet to protect your watches from scratches.



Rotation Mode

The avanti plus watch winder comes with 5 pre-programmed rotation modes



LED Lights

LED lights can be turned on/off to illuminate your automatic watch collection.



Watch Pad - Flexi-Pad

The watch pad is made of flexi-pad that adapts to the size and shape of the watchband. The flexi-pad material will not stick to or damage leather, steel, ceramic, cloth and rubber watchstraps.



BillStone Avanti Plus watch winders are fitted with a security key to protect your watch.



Power Source

The Avanti Plus watch winder can be powered by either battery only, electric adaptor (110V – 240V) only, or both battery and electric adaptor.


1 Year Limited Warranty

All BillStone watch winders are covered by a 1 year limited warranty. See our warranty page for more details.

Dimension: H. 220 x W. 290 x D. 240 mm
Weight: 4.1 kg
Capacity: 4 watches (rotate) + 4 watches (non-rotate)
Motors: 2 (shared)
Max Watch Diameter: 45 mm
Exterior Finish: Carbon Fiber with high gloss, polished lacquer
Interior Finish: Black velvet
LED Lights: Yes
Rotation Mode: 5 pre-programmed modes
Accessories: Security lock, power adaptor
Power: 110V–240V adaptor and batteries
Level 3