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Living by the sea, Dr.Huber was constantly inspired by marine life, especially the extraordinary, self-regenerating properties of giant sea kelp.


Lumine is the leading developer of full-service shopping centers in the Tokyo area with 16 centers that total approximately 2 million square feet of gross leasable area (GLA).


Longchamp’s story began in 1948 when Jean Cassegrain, the father of today's President, began to craft luxury leather smoking pipes.


The House of Balenciaga is one of the most influential forces in fashion and is developing into a major player in the Luxury Goods industry.

Miki House

are dedicated to making the world a better place for children and their families. As such, we've branched out from children's wear into publishing, child rearing support, sports sponsorship, and a whole variety of fields.

Mulia Jewellery

Started as a family business in the 1970s, the founder of Mulia Jewellery quickly rose to become personal jeweler to the most influential families in Indonesia.


is an exhibition presenting mundane objects and situation in absurd and mind-boggling ways A whimsical journey of oddity – one tinged with explosions of colors and endless Instagram opportunities


Established in 2013, Stroberi specializes in fashion accessories and fancy goods known as Indonesia's leading fashion accessories brand.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a British lifestyle brand known for its unique fragrance portfolio and luxury products for the bath, body and home.

CG Fine Art

CG Fine Art is a contemporary art gallery that continuously raise awareness of Indonesian artists who have develop a consistent technical talent, poetic, insight & aesthetic to convey an inner world of imagination & inspiration.


COPIA comes from the name of a Roman goddess who gave abundance to the Romans. What makes COPIA different from other personal care stores is COPIA offers 3Es concept of Expert, Experience, and Explore.

El chholtz

Eichholtz is a business-to-business wholesaler of luxury furniture, lighting and accessories with a unique design. We aim to continuously inspire the interior design industry with our extensive collections.


SASSI salons are considerably unique compared to other nail salons. Each of our salons follows these concepts: clean, fresh, modern, and luxurious.

Il Bisonte

Il Bisonte was born in 1970 in a small artisanal laboratory in the heart of Florence, Italy. The showroom and head offices are based in the same noble Corsini Palace overlooking the Arno river


Since launching in May 2010, BRAND has successfully established itself as a luxury brand, with impeccable packaging and unrivalled customer care.

Optik Tunggal Next Generasi

NEXT GENERATION Single Optics is the first child-specific optics in Indonesia, as well as the verification of Optical Sole as a pioneer in the glasses industry. Focusing on health and eye care from an early age.


The H&M group is one of the world's leading fashion companies. The company was founded in 1947 and produces a variety of clothing products. They aim to offer fashion and design to the world in an exciting and sustainable way.

Angus House

Due to its unique grilling process, Angus House Restaurant serves a steak unlike any other. French-Japanese fusion elevated a wide range of food from appetizers, soup and salads, to steak, seafood and even pasta

Sunglass Planet

Sunglass Planet is part of the Tunggal Group which provides exclusive sunglasses from various foreign brands. Sunglass Planet at Plaza Indonesia Level 2


This beauty boutique was initially known as ‘The Face Place’ in 1976 in San Francisco. The shop specializes in quick-fix products for beauty dilemmas.

Crash Baggage

With Crash Baggage, we want to overturn the very concept of luggage which exalts the freedom of movement and action wherever and whener possible, without any worries. Crash Baggage at Plaza Indonesia Level 1


Benihana opened in 1964, featuring an authentic Japanese farmhouse interior and food prepared on steel teppanyaki grills right in front of customers. Benihana at Plaza Indonesia Level 3


Established in early 2015, PVRA was founded by Kara Nugroho and Putri Katianda. PVRA's product ate 100% handmade, crafted by skilled local craftsman in Indonesia. PVRA at Plaza Indonesia Level 4


Havaianas has become world’s favorite brand of flip flops not only because of our durable and marshmallow soft rubber soles, but because of our brand’s history and roots! Havaianas at Plaza Indonesia Level 4.


IZIPIZI'S colorful collection offers no limit to your taste! Classics reinvented, designed to fit, for reading and for the screens, for the sun and just for fun, it’s IZIPIZI! IZIPIZI at Plaza Indonesia Level 1.


At Spinfish, we will always be dedicated to using fresh quality ingredients and serving the best darn poké you've ever had! It's poké with a concoction of house-made, fusion-inspired sauces. Spinfish at Plaza Indonesia Level 5.


Shaga is a market leader in the supply of fitness equipment and services in Indonesia. Shaga at Plaza Indonesia Level 4