In a space of a decade, Octo has become a true icon of contemporary watchmaking for its unique match of minimalist design and absolute technicality. Italian elegance and Swiss watchmaking expertise – witness the about 60 international prizes awarded to the collection. First presented in 2012 with its iconic eight-sided case rooted in Bulgari’s heritage, the watch rapidly confirmed its pioneering spirit through three different lines and expressions: Octo L’originale, Octo Finissiomo and Octo Roma.


A symbol of power, seduction, temptation and transformation, the snake is Bvlgari’s audacious emblem. It first appeared in the late 1940s with the outstanding introduction of the sinuous Tubogas bracelet-watches; continuing to grow in visibility and preciousness in the 1960s as it began to appear in jewellery collections and establishing itself as Bvlgari’s distinctive symbol. From the more animalistic versions of the Seventies to past decades’ more geometric and stylized forms, the snake deeply epitomizes Bvlgari’s bold and fierce spirit.

B.zero test

Created in 1999 to celebrate the future and welcome the year 2000, B.zero1 collection channels the strength that underlies every fresh start even through its name: the “B” stands for Bulgari, “zero” for the new millennium and the number “1” for new, infinite beginnings. A meaning translated into the icon’s emblematic design: its endless spiral is a reminder that it’s always a good moment to blaze the own trail, because behind every turn there is an opportunity and a “chapter 1” waiting to be written.